New Workshops Coming Soon
The name WAEN was coined initally after reading Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez. Perez was part of a campaign to have a female historical figure on the back of sterling banknotes, one man responded: “But women are everywhere now!”
It’s true.
This formed the acronym, WEAN. It’s meaning is multi-faceated, as in Welsh it means a moorland or ungoverned wild space in Welsh whereas the Saxon etymology meaning to have ‘hope and expectation’. 

This is what WAEN intends to be; not entirely ordered, a bit messy, but full of hope and women being “being everywhere now”

WAEN was established by Molly Davies. It was born from a frustration of feeling silenced and shame around her own experiences from hospital visits.  As an art director, translating mood and feeling through imagery felt intuituve as a tool to connect health, creativity and self expression together. She is always interested in collaborating with other artists to facilitate nurturing, creative workshops.
South East London